I create visual images that capture my curiosity about the evolution of designed objects, from bizarre industrial artifacts found at flea markets, to architecture and infrastructure.


B.A. Chemistry  - Rutgers University

B. F. A. Product Design - Parsons School of Design

M. A. History of Decorative Arts & Design, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

PhD candidate in American Studies - Boston University


20 Forbes Street, #3
Boston, MA 02130




In addition to my work as an illustrator and visual artist, I am an industrial designer, educator and historian of design and culture. The act of visual creation heightens my sensitivity to materials, technology, and form, enriching my design and scholarly work.

Through all of my work I strive to tell stories, about culture, technology, and history. Please feel free to contact me with questions about the work, or if you have suggestions for subject matter.